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Namakkal is one of the major tourist destinations in Southern India. An oft visited temple town, Namakkal is frequented by patrons and devotees alike, with plenty of tourists thrown in the mix too. The temple town of Namakkal has a lot to offer to tourists, given its ancient and age old temple and countless nearby tourist attractions.

Namakkal is mainly famous for a temple located in the heart of the town – The Lord Anjaneya Temple. This temple, which is almost one thousand and five hundred years old (1500 years), lies below the Namakkal fort, with a huge statue of the main deity Anjaneya (or Hanuman) acting as a guardian to the fort. This huge statue lies directly across the street from a Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, facing the main deities from the other temple. The statue is eighteen feet tall and towers over the rest of the region.

Namakkal is a historic region and you can roam around in awe of the well preserved temples and towers surrounding the temple town. There are two cave temples in the town of Namakkal that you can visit which are dedicated to Narasimha Swamy and Ranganatha Swamy. Another famous tourist spots in Namakkal I the Namakkal Fort, which is one of the safest forts in the Indian subcontinent. The fort is located atop a massive rock.